• Kenneth Excellent

Life Cartography

Briefly switching from civilian life to military life wasn’t too difficult in terms of the activities that we participated in, but rather the principles that we faced every day. For example, waking up at 4 a.m. and being responsible for other people’s actions. The most important lesson that anyone can learn at basic training is that it isn’t just about you, but rather those around you. And every soldier learns that pretty quickly after getting smoked (which means to be disciplined through physical exercise). Countless times I was on the floor pushing or otherwise known as doing push-ups due to someone else’s failure to pay attention to detail. Eventually there’s a point in everyone’s training where they ask themselves “why am I here?” I found myself asking the same question during the second week of training at 1 a.m. during fireguard duty which is pulling security. The whole situation made me realize that I had planned that exact moment years ago during my sophomore year of high school and I followed the necessary steps to get there. As a prospective U.S Army Officer, I’ve learned that my primary job is to plan missions and planning is one of the most powerful and effective ways to get anything done. We’ve all planned a trip, a night with friends, or even party, but those are very short-term. I believe a lot of people fail to plan their lives and then get disappointed and discouraged when they do not attain what they want. The same way you wouldn’t go about throwing a party without planning it is how everyone should go about life. A good friend of mine once told me “don’t waste time, or time will waste you” if that makes any sense. Shout out to Caleb for that one. So, take the time and figure out what you want to do, which will allow you to make a map and take the necessary steps. Otherwise, you’ll be living life in distress.


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